Individual Productivity

Tick every box!

Save time by staying on top of your growing task list by viewing, actioning, and tracking your work and actions across all your projects.
With Sensei IQ, you can;

  • View and track action tasks across all projects in the organization.
  • View and action personal To-do's, tasks and action items across personal productivity tools.
  • Work on issues, risks, change requests, decisions, lessons learned and deliverables.
  • Track progress on all work.

Collaborative Work Management

All together now!

Bring the team together and communicate, manage documents and collaborate on artifacts; all in a single location.

With Sensei IQ, you can;

  • Collaborate on issues, risks, change requests, decisions, lessons learned and deliverables.
  • Manage project documentation.
  • Work and communicate with Microsoft Teams.

Portfolio, Programs & Project Leadership

Manage like a pro!

Deliver on organizational objectives through prioritizing and connecting projects, programs and portfolios.

With Sensei IQ, you can;

  • Manage projects, tasks and resources.
  • Identify and track key dates across projects.
  • Manage innovation challenges and ideas.
  • Capture initiative proposals.
  • Define and manage programs and portfolios.

Business Insights & Decision Support

See the forest and the trees!

Make more informed decisions by understanding how all work fits together with meaningful insights into projects, programs and resources across portfolios.

With Sensei IQ, you can;

  • Report on project status and resources.
  • Monitor work and exceptions across portfolios, programs and projects.
  • View and assess collaboration activity.

Enterprise Resource Management

Right people, right places!

Limit delays and resolve bottlenecks quickly across every project with optimized utilization across the correct tasks.

With Sensei IQ you can;

  • Track resource assignments and workloads.
  • Request and allocate resources across projects.
  • Monitor resource exceptions.

Strategy & Investment Alignment

Bring strategy to life.

Align investments with strategy and ensure delivery hits the mark and benefits are clearly realized.

With Sensei IQ you can;

  • Manage project financials.
  • Allocate budgets to portfolios and programs.
  • Optimize portfolio with strategic objectives.
  • Align and manage corporate budget to strategic priorities.
  • Capture benefits and track realization.

Functionalities and capabilities

Core Capabilities

Sensei IQ's core capabilities represent the common business objectives and process areas that are the business drivers behind most deployments.

Within these core capabilities lie the processes, procedures, tools, techniques, configuration options, and training that are the framework for Sensei’s proposed approach to delivering a successful outcome to overcoming your work, project, portfolio and resource challenges.
  • sensei-individual-productivity-icon
    Individual Productivity

    Provide visibility into all work for teams and individuals in the organization; across tools and systems. Prioritize work and improve productivity.

  • sensei-collab-work-mgmt-icon
    Collaborative Work Management

    Empower teams to collaborate effectively across projects and daily work. Manage documents and artifacts; and communicate in real-time, all in one place.

  • sensei-ppm-icon
    Portfolio, Program and Project Leadership

    Prioritize and deliver on organizational objectives through proactive leadership of projects, programs and portfolios. Empower the team and build stakeholder trust.

  • sensei-biz-insight-icon
    Business Insights and Decision Support

    Monitor work and exceptions across portfolios, programs and projects. Track investment alignment and performance.

  • sensei-resoure-mgmt-icon
    Resource Management

    Manage resource capacity and demand across all work. Optimize utilization; limit delays; resolve bottlenecks.

  • sensei-strategic-planning-icon
    Strategic Planning & Benefits Realization

    Prioritize projects and align investments with organizational strategy to optimize outcomes and realize benefits.

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